Trio for clarinet, violin, and piano. At first, it sounded eastern European, early-ish 20th century, but then it sounded decidedly contemporary and American (the parallel fifths gave it away.)

My best guess is that it's a non-thematic excerpt from John Williams' piece for Obama's first inauguration. The piece was based on "Simple Gifts" but this could be a big of transition or an ancillary episode. That's the only piece in this style that I know for this instrumentation. —Will

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Dec 22, 2022Liked by Classical Gabfest

That Sinatra/Stravinsky anecdote is delightful.

And Joey, love the glimpse into your academic life there...though you obviously have far more interest in (and patience for) Stravinsky's neoclassical works than I ever did.

As for the NTT, as a frequent submitter I enjoy it...but I know I'm an infrequent (at best) guesser. Part of that has been circumstantial (travels and the like). Part of it is that Thursdays are usually an in-office day for me, so I'm reading the newsletter on the train during my commute, which isn't ideal listening time and I'll often put off the NTT and then neglect it. But part of it is definitely that if I don't have an obvious idea or direction to guess at, I shy away from saying anything. That probably speaks to the format (which just can't achieve the dynamism and fun of our hosts discussing and guessing in real time). But I would still welcome a weekly stumping followed by a reveal.

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